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By TractorFactoryPhotos

Puffing Billy...

Drove out to Yarra Valley to go see some winerys. Stopped at Ray's Outdoors to buy me a pair of chelsea boots. The drive took us up through the Dandenongs National Park. Stopped to see Puffing Billy, an old steam train that climbs a hill.

Went into the first vineyard we found called St Huberts. Tam bought a bottle of white wine which I think we'll probably give to Nicola. Tam and Moneka didn't much like the woman at St Huberts.

Next stop was the Chandon Green Point Vineyard. This is where they make the Australian version of Moet & Chandon. Had lunch here and took a wee walk around to see the process of making champagne. Tam bought a bottle of red for Robert and Rochelle and a bottle of red for her and her dad.

Headed back and stopped at spotlight for Tam to buy material. Spotlight is a huge material superstore.

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