The chilly autumn sun

Haven't slept as little as I did last night in a long time. Have no idea why either. And against my better judgement, decided to go with Adda along the highways, towards greener pastures. The body doesn't seem to have responded to doses of treatment or rest, so decided to ignore it for a while, and give the mind a bit of recreation.

I didn't anticipate the cold. My ears almost literally froze, as I tried to hide myself behind my backpack. And then cupped my hands, trying to breathe into them, so that the tip of my nose wouldn't get numb. And when we walked through ridges slicing the fields, where shrubs were drenched in dew, my shoes and socks got wet and we still had a while before we could get back home. Under the circumstances, these are the exact things I shouldn't have done.

But the body is showing a strange kind of stoicism; utterly indifferent to pampering as well as punishment!

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