By Peteyo

Blue Sky

This morning started out at 5 am, which is quite early for us 23 year olds. Our clothing company Bent Shovel got to set up a tent at the Tranworld Snowboarding TransAM event at Tyrol Basin in Mount Horeb, WI. The event started at 8, we needed to get there by 7, leave my house at 6.

The tent setup was a success and looked amazing. Luckily this event we had more than enough help, which made things much easier than our last event. I had a few of the guys work the tent (aka hangout and talk to cool people) while I took a few runs with a couple others. We have two amazing snowboards that ride for us that competed today. This photo is of team rider Ben. Although this photo makes it look like a super beautiful warm day, the wind was absolutely brutal. I was going to post a photo I took of the wind blowing the snow uphill but Kel and I decided we liked this one better. Maybe I'll cheat and post that one tomorrow :)

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