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By denzilblount

50mm-a-day for three months

So, I completed my photo-a-day project at the end of 2013. I look back over the photos that I took during this period and I can remember taking every single one of them*. As somebody with an extremely bad memory, this is quite a thing. This means that I was actually both concentrating and interested while I was taking each of the images. On the whole, enjoyed the experience thoroughly, but at times I definitely hated the fact that I had to take a photo even though I was tired/unmotivated/lacking inspiration.

This task has now been completed and so I am looking for a new challenge to push my photography further. Briefly reading around, there were a number of articles talking about how one should try taking photographs with nothing but a 35mm prime lens for three to six months to teach oneself how to properly compose brilliant images. Now, I don't have a 35mm lens, but I have seen people performing similar challenges using a 50mm prime lens.

So, my plan is for the next 84 days (3 months) to take an image each day using nothing but my 50mm prime lens. I will import the jpg straight from the SD card. No processing, cropping, tilting allowed.

I will start tomorrow. I think that maybe I am going to regret this!

* This statement isn't entirely true. I was extremely drunk when I took one of my Blips and still cannot remember exactly where I took the photograph.

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