By ValerHorvai76

Pele Goddess bubbling cauldron under the Milky Way

Pele is the goddess of volcanoes and fire in the Hawaiian Islands. This photo was taken in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii, the largest island of the Hawaiian Islands . Lower left corner of the screen to the glossy oval caldera volcano Kilauea, on the right in the background you can see the Milky Way . The caldera 4 km in diameter and 91.5 meters deep. It is currently the world 's most active volcano . As a preparation for the photo idea and design , even at home in Hungary started . I wanted to capture an image of the Kilauea volcano - in the dark night the glowing lava illuminate the caldera - and the Milky Way . Well I knew it would not be an easy task . Even in daylight I went to the site to assess the site and select the appropriate location from which the photo to make. As dark , I noticed that if the Milky Way also want to compose a photo , you have to change location. Unfortunately, it was windy , so illuminated by the incandescent lava crater rising smoke caused further compositional problems. However, after a few hours of waiting and the wind subsided for a moment everything has been optimized and the birth of this image. I managed to capture a photo, everything that I wanted . Infinity of the universe and the Earth's active elemental power.

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