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By TractorFactoryPhotos


I'm going to break the tradition of just transposing my diary from this holiday to explain this picture as it's a brilliant lasting memory. Ritchie and I worked at the Loch Long Hotel many years ago. He lived in a neighbouring village. He's always been partial to a tipple of the purple poison so I brought him some across.

When we arrived, I gave him the stash I'd brought for him. He said, "If you bring one bottle, you can stay a night, 2 bottles and you can stay a week." With the 3 bottles I brought him, I was allowed to stay as long as I liked.


Actual Diary entry for that day...
I was too hung over to really do anything until about 1500. Ritchie, Nic and Tam wet out to get videos and food. I stayed in and watched David Bowie. They brought back 'Walking Tall' and 'Under the Radar'.

At night we went downstairs to Paul and Christines (the landlords) for dinner. We had hot chilli prawns, kangaroo fillets for main and fruit pie for dessert. I couldn't finish dessert because of a sore stomach.

Ritchie and I had the Buckie later and we lit a Brasserie outside and watched music DVDs all night.

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