By wellsforzoe


Kevin (Wells for Zoe volunteer) tries his hand, or should I say head, at carrying water from the pump at the village of Miramira about 30 km from Mzuzu in Northern Malawi.
Blessings, is laughing, as she can put a full basin of water on her head and carry it up the hill without spilling a drop. I doubt if Kevin will ever get to that stage.

The Canzee hand pump, in the backgroung, was installed by Wells for Zoe, in September last for the seven families of the village, but in the driest season, (November) up to 40 families, came long distances to get the clean water, when their own water sources had dried up.
Their latest venture is a dam, just finished, for irrigation of dry season crops.

Blessings in in her final year in primary school (a place which is only remotely similar to any school you might know).
She enjoys life, is very bright, smiles and laughs alot, but has little hope of secondary education, without a little help from her new Irish friends.
She would like to be a nurse.

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