Angel Eyes

By AngelEyes

PV Farm house

Out for a ride with Sultan & the dogs. Had to avoid some walkers with a dog (Luna is not yet 100% and was off the lead) so detoured through the village of Frechenrieden where this house stands.

I suspect a renovated farmhouse, the bay window no doubt a modern add on. Looks much too tidy, extravagant and "pretty" for it to be a working farm in this part of the world!

One can see from the side of the house how wide it is. Farmhouses look very big in our region but usually are 1/3rd house and 2/3rds cow stables. The blip cuts out 1/3rd on the right and then comes an adjourning but at right angles, large farm building, much bigger and taller than the house.

This house & stables in one unit allowed one to do the milking without going out in the snow. South of us on the other side ot the alps they are being buried in snow this weekend. We might get a little bit tomorrow or more likely, rain.

Hope you are having a good weekend.

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