By dancingindy

"In Her Shadows"

I went to see In Her Shadows today, a work-in-progress piece that had aerial, audio-visual, shadow and physical theatre. I was really impressed! It was A Blank Canvas' first piece of work (a-blank-canvas.com). Debbie Robbins (A Blank Canvas) and Rachael Macintyre (www.jabutitheatre.com) were the aerialists and the photo is of the start, Rachael at the top and Debbie at the bottom. It's not a great photo! I quickly took it before the showing started as I didn't want to be rude and take photos during it.

I really enjoyed the show. Looking forward to it being developed and turned into a full show and being toured. I loved the way the light projections, shadow and aerialists interacted together. It was quite a dark piece but ended with a really playful, light energy which I loved. Go see it when it does tour!

See either of the links below for more information:

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