By AfterDark

A Welcome Home - Landmark.

This Silhouette of the water tower on Rivey Hill, is the local land mark. For me it's that " - WELCOME HOME - " sign that I can see when I am within fives miles of my home, and after a long journey it's the sign that your nearly there..

I Have chosen to present it as a Silhouette, because that's the first impression you would see until you get closer.. I stands 100 feet tall and it is stationed on top of a 375 feet high - Rivey Hill, so you can it for miles....

Years ago the USAF used this tower as a lank mark and turning point in their low level training exercises, and it was always very exciting to see A10 Tank busters banking and flying over our village. I believe they were based at RAF Bentwaters in Suffolk.

I kinda of miss them and they always seem to fly in pairs.. so if you saw one, you knew there was a 2nd very Close by .. Certainly very glad we was never on the receiving end of this awesome flying machine was indeed very fearsome to look at..

On some very rare occasions we would also be treated to a couple of Jaguars following the extract same flight paths as the A-10's .. Delightfull...!

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