By Nikael


There is one really important thing in life that I feel I have finally learned:
Peace and calmness.
By this I mean the peace of mind that allows you to be quiet in a group and just listen, though you would know the answer to the asked question, or you would have something to say to the conversation. It is really important to manage the skill of calmness and mental immobility. It is once again the all-knowing Snufkin who teaches us how to be wise, but humble. You don't have to shout out every bit of your knowledge to the whole group to win their admiration, respect or friendship - you don't have to desperately try to have the first and last word. Sometimes the right and best way to find you harmony amongst others is to stay calm, not trying to be anybody else than yourself, without any magic tricks or fireworks. Try to listen to others a bit more, and learn from them..

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