By sp33dway

Scent of a "hoo ha"

Spent the best part of the day under the collective influence of 8 x 30mg codeine. A pretty small issue when not in work but a BIG one when faced with thinking of ideas, photoshoping pics and crafting the odd double page spread. At times I think I acted like a nowtynarkypants and very possibly forgot my place once or twice too. I'm trying my best not to go on about it or winge like a typical BLOKE but if truth be known the pains in my back are doing my freaking head in. I tried to go for a walk at lunchtime (my new lowepro backpack doubling up as a backbrace) but no sooner had I stepped outside the heavens opened.

Bluddy great.

[not been checking blip much lately. Sorry if I've missed anything good)

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