Setting Up

I took a walk around the city to catch up on events. This shot was taken in Cathedral Square I think they are setting up for the 25th Anniversary of the Festival of Flowers from February 8th - March 2.

You well be able to start a walk from Cathedral Square, proceed on to New Regent St. and the ChristChurch Transitional Cathedral, walk up to CPIT Rakaia Centre (to view an Art Exhibition 15 Feb-28 Feb only) then back down to Re:START Mall next to the Arts Centre Market Square and complete the circuit at Cathedral Square again.

There well be floral art displays, garden installations, free musical concerts, kid's education activities, nature workshops, tree plantings, art platforms and more to see along the way.

I am looking forward to seeing it. Do hope the weather well be kind to them!

As I was walking back I could hear a lot of noise coming from the Victoria Square Apartments and when I looked up they were on the roof and starting to remove it. I did take some shots and just about put one up but thought the Cathedral Square may have been more interesting.

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