By Robbwood1973

Running with The Wind

Locally we have averaged 40.7°C = 105.26°F this February. Phew!

Dry, clear, windless, cloudless but toasty warm!

This evening "a weather front" came through plummeting the temperature.

Now dry, clear, windy, cloudy and blissfully cool.

The Challenge. How to portray this welcome change in a blip?

With wind gusts up to 40km/hour principally from the south = coolly refreshing...

Was looking for a "bendy tree" at the "height of a gust"

Was concentrating hard through the viewfinder waiting for said tree to be at its "most bendy" when this silhouetted figure flitted across my field of vision.

What sheer luck.

Wind bent tree + diffused red glow of sunset through misty cloud + human interest!! :-)

So my blip for today is.....

Running with The ( lovely cool ) Wind

As I am about to hit the Preview Button some beautiful precipitation can be heard on my verandah roof.

You will just have to "take my word" for this element of today's weather report! :-)

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