Don?t Know Nuffink

By Mrski1

Dark Chocolate Beetroot Brownies

Thats right, these brownies contain beetroot! They dont really have an overpowering taste of beetroot, but keep them nice and moist.

I ended up making these this morning as the weather in Aberdeenshire has been terrible, it's been raining constantly and everything appears to be flooded so its been a day spent in doors. I have been treated to a day worth of sport on the box, cheering on Jenson Button as well as watching the world track cycling and some of the Man City game, I even got around to sorting some of my stuff out, I must have been bored!

I thought my blipping had been coming on well until Tuesday, Wednesday onwards was just mental at work and I never got around to taking any pictures, yesterday was supposed to be busy with cycling, however my mate decided he would rather go to the new shopping centre in town than get muddy on the bikes (big girl) so I spent the day just doing nothing, and its not often I get to do that!

So this week will be the start of consecutive Blips, or at least I hope it will!

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