By IronWill2013

Stinking Iris

This is the Iris Foetidissima, or the "Stinking Iris" as it is sometimes called. It is supposed to smell a bit if you crush the leaves, but I have never done so (why would you want to)? Others say it also smells a bit like roast beef flavour crisps .... hmmm .... that sounds better :-)

Around this time last year, I collected some of the red berries and pushed them down into little 3in pots ... and forgot all about them. Now I have over 100 little iris plants emerging.

Although the plant does not look super from this photo, this is actually a fantastic plant, and I plan to put those 100 little guys to good use. The plant has blue/purple flowers in early summer, and (unlike most irises), it remains evergreen, so it suppresses the weeds around it. The berries remain on the plant from autumn until spring and are not touched by the birds. The plant can grow just about anywhere and in any condition (mine grows on very compacted ground ... my car park ... in the shade). I plan to use it in my winter border (for the berries), and in the dry shady parts of the garden, where little else will grow.

Cheap and cheerful, and so easy to care for ..... I have never ever watered them. Did I mention that they are very drought tolerant?

They get my vote. Just need to tidy up the leaves a wee bit. 5 mins work.

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