By gblrps

Craft Daft

I spotted this last time I passed the canal and thought it would be worth a Blip. 'Craft Daft (on a raft)' is located on the Forth & Clyde Canal. It is an Art related barge where you pay a small fee and then choose a piece you want to make, paint, or decorate. Sounds good.

What really caught my attention was the notice stating that ' No Money, Drink, Tobacco or Drugs are kept on Board?. It occurred to me that they would probably get more people attending if there was. In fact there would be a queue!

The full notice states:-

Notice to all Crooks, Burglars, and Vandals
No Money,
Drink, Tobacco or
are kept on Board
Please try elsewhere
Or better still report yourself to the nearest Police Station

At the bottom of the window are a few of the plain white ceramics available for painting. I am afraid I couldn't resist painting them myself in Photoshop before uploading the picture. How sad is that?

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