A Real Minty Story

By EarlMintyStory

Pre-Lecture Wandering.

Oops, having to back-blip a bit - been so busy the last couple of days. Had a lovely time on Friday night with my friend Leah, who abandoned us for Switzerland about 5 years ago (time flies!), but she comes back to sunny Scotland every so often to visit us. So I would have liked a photo of that, but I forgot my camera :(

So instead you get treated to another Glasgow Uni one (sorry). Sometimes I get into uni too early because buses are really annoying, so I usually go a walk through Kelvingrove till my lecture starts. I loved how the sunrise was shining off the engineering building. Such a beautiful place sometimes, is Glasgow.

I then proceeded to almost miss the start of my lecture because I spent too long taking photos. Typical..

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