An Apple a Day...

By anappleaday


Things I might want/need/get/buy that would make the next 1000 a little easier (in no particular order):

- a dog
- a baby
- a new camera
- a remote control for the new camera
- new lenses for sure
- a new house with more window light
- more free time
- new inspiration from somewhere, anywhere
- country roads with barns on them near by
- a pond in my backyard with lovely fall foliage
- another kitten or two
- a boat
- exotic vacations
- a project
- grungy filters, dirt, vaseline
- a studio set up all the time
- inner peace
- more encouraging comments
- an assistant
- a glass of wine tonight (and any night)
- a pat on the back
- a red balloon (or two)

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