Daily Wild

By emyjane

First lesser celandine!

Best viewed *larger*

I'm so glad I had my camera on me, or I'd have been so upset to miss this! Their usual date of flowering is around 21st February... but contrary to popular belief it has been an extremely mild Winter, so I'm not surprised these are beginning to flower. Celandine comes from the Latin chelidonia, meaning swallow: it was said that the flowers bloomed when the swallows returned and faded when they left. I think it's a bit early for swallows... but it's such a lovely uplifting, positive thought! Although I don't think Winter has finished with us yet!


Winter tears

Managed to get out today, only food shopping though, home to tiredness again, as I had hardly any sleep last night listening to the gale force gusts & lashing rain, worried about all the trees & the creatures outside as always. Sounds a lot calmer tonight! Pilates tomorrow & hopefully a week of gym as haven't been back since I had the flu - which I still have, still got a terrible cough :( xxx

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