Standing Stone.

The Caiy Stane.
(Kel Stane, Cat Stane or Camus Stane)

Located on Caiystane View, a street in the residential district of Fairmilehead in Edinburgh is the prehistoric Caiy Stane. Variously known as the Kel, Cat or Camus Stane, it is substantial block of red sandstone, standing some 2.75m (9 feet) tall, with a breadth of 1.6m (5 feet). The rear of the stone includes a line of six cup marks.The Caiy Stane may have been erected as early as the Neolithic Period (3000 B.C.) to denote a ritual or burial place. Records of other nearby monuments suggest the area continued to be used for burial in the Bronze Age. It has also been suggested that the stone is a monument to a battle between the Picts and the Romans. The stone was given to the National Trust for Scotland in 1936.

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