Scattered Polaroids

By sp

backblip #10

Suuuuuuper sunny morning, with blue sky and everything! Graham's waking words were "You're wearing a white vest? And it's sunny?! Is it summer? How long was I asleep?!"

We planned to walk to the woods, but we only got as far as Iffley Lock before being cut off by the flood. This ocean was a field last week. Instead, we turned around and headed back the other way along the river, into town. Other than navigating a ginormous puddle outside the University College boat house, we made it unscathed.

Meandered in town for a while, then came home for croissants. I spoke to Pose, we watched Diagnosis Murder, then G left for Taunton.

I watched Friends with the guys before they headed out for a night of frivolity in Cowley. I was very grateful I'd declined their invitation when I realised how much of a nightmare it would be for me to get to work the next morning.

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