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Down on the Danube

Today was the last day of the stag do in Budapest.

After last night there was no way any of us could handle anymore drinking so we opted to breathe some fresh air on the Danube river cruise. It was about an hour long trip taking in the sites of both Buda and Pest's river banks and architecture.

The most impressive building was the Parliament building (pic) which was only a block away from our aptly named Parliament Hotel, the taxi drivers always seemed to want to drop us off at first rather than the later at night but I'll put that down to communication breakdown.

I've consumed more alcohol in this weekend than I possibly have in the last 6 months but also had a brilliant time taking in the sites of Budapest. I've had plenty of Goulash to keep me warm and give me the energy to walk around this huge city which has something of interest around every corner.

I do wish I could have taken some proper camera equipment but maybe I wouldn't have had the same experience if I was always behind the camera. I'm happy that the iPhone captured some great moments though.

The high-lights of the weekend include meeting 10+ new friends, bathing in the famous baths, sampling lots of new drinks/food and just taking in another new European City for myself.

Thanks Si for being a great Stag, to Matt the best man for going will the flow ;) and the rest of the great lads on the trip, see you all on the local p#ss up!



Mr Bo Hingles

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