Bus .....

..... conversion.

This afternoon I popped around to see Mr P for a cuppa and to see how his bus conversion was coming along ( blipped ). Eventually the bus will be a camper van.

Whist at Mr P's the sky was lovely and clear and there was a pass of the space station and a very bright Iridium satellite flare due for just after sunset. Mr P had kindly offered to give me a lift up to one of the local reservoirs so that I could have some nice scenery to photograph the space hardware above. Unfortunately on the way to the reservoirs it clouded over and started snowing so we abandoned all hope of seeing the satellites and instead went to the pub for a very nice warming mixed grill each.

Luckily I'd taken a photo when I called around to Mr P's earlier, so today's blip is the .....

..... Bus conversion.

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