Baggie Trousers

By SkaBaggie

The Last House On The Left

Of all our interesting local architecture (i.e. that big concrete thing; that other big concrete thing; that even bigger concrete thing), the most fascinating tends to be the little industrial cottages and surviving end-houses of terraced rows where the rest of the street has been bulldozed. They usually look lopsided and completely out of place, but somehow manage to constantly survive the rolling demolition of the past which the West Midlands has always felt compelled to engage in, pressed into service as pubs, newsagents, or in this case, a dentist's.

A fairly appropriate blip to pause on for this week, as I head into hospital tomorrow to (finally) have my troublesome teeth pulled. They'll be doing to my mouth what the local councils do to anything remotely interesting or historical in the area. Wish me luck.

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