By PurbeckDavid49

Bird observatory at les Ponts d'Ouve, Normandy

This bird observatory (or "hide") provides an ideal point for learning how to identify birds. On two levels, with large bird identification panels (with French and English names), fairly comfortable seats, more than 180 degree visibility, and a large artificial lake much appreciated by coypu, kingfishers and numerous other migrant and resident birds.

This observatory and its reception building are at the heart of the marais, the marshlands. The road north-westwards from Carentan to neighbouring Saint-Côme-du-Mont crosses four bridges, over the four rivers Madeleine, Groult, Douve and Jourdan. The four amalgamate to produce an enlarged Douve, which then passes through a barrier of portes à flots before flowing into the sea.

The destruction by the German army of the bridges of the Saint-Côme-du-Mont/Carentan road created a formidable challenge for the US troops of 101st Airborne moving southwards from Utah Beach in June 1944.

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