By wingpig

by any other name

What a marvellously slow and peaceful day. The concurrent holidaying of Line Manager and Other Team's Line Manager means that the workplace is a place of peace, jollity and frequent checks out of the window to see how invisible the castle was in the lovely haar. The relief of all the tourists who had gambled several of the Queen's pounds on entry to the grounds was palpable when they flocked to the edge of the wall to catch the view when the air cleared.

Not many lunch-pictures worked so I had to go home via a car-park for a blip. Unfortunately I was so busy looking at the chimbleys that I didn't go to the right bit of the roof to notice all the people standing outside the Omnicentre in some form of Fire Alert. I've always wondered what would happen if you had to evacuate a cinéma half-way through a film... would they resume display at or jsut slightly before the point where the film was stopped or would they try and skip a bit to make up for lost time? Would they refund people or give them a free ticket for having their viewing experience disrupted?

I've a few spare blips I've been wanting to try and get for a while which I think might benefit from darkness but it's not the best time of the year for trying that sort of thing. It won't be dark until after I get back in from my run and it's always a problem trying to get decent pictures on Friday and Saturday nights when the streets are full of drunks.

Perhaps I should make a written note of them and save them for Autumn.

Perhaps I should not make a written note of them and try and remember them manually as an exercise in remembering things. Start of a slippery slope and all that. First it's writing things down, next it's taking a nap on Sunday afternoons after lunch. I can't imagine why anyone would want to sleep on Sunday afternoons. Such a shameful waste of weekend-time. Likewise that bit between 6am and half nine. Then again think how annoyed I'd get walking round the hill if everyone was up rather than just a few people who can't read road signs...

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