Trying to unpack....

Aided & abetted by Spike.
Horrible day, weather & everything....
Mum not getting out tomorrow, must say I was amazed when it was suggested. She's walking very badly ( saw her with the Physio) & the social workers have refused to cover her unless myself or my sister are there 24/7, or she goes back to being more mobile again.
However my brother turned up, lovely to see him.
We hung around for an extra hour while Mum was discussed, so later to set off than I'd planned.
I was being green & taken the train, guess what... They waited til the crowds had piled & were wondering why the train was sitting at the station 15 minutes after it should have left, objects on line, not going anywhere.

Took a bus it was 20 mins late too. But it got there. Picked up car at Montrose, & home.

Never so glad to be home... Steaks on the griddle & cat helping me unpack!

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