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Restricted ...

My Blip has been a tad blipless this week, thanks to an attack of the dreaded norovirus. (At least, I imagine that's what it was; it might as well have been the angel of death as far as I was concerned for a couple of days). This, the only photo of the whole week, was taken of the view from my bed as I began to think I might live after all ...

It shows MV Coruisk ploughing stolidly through a not-particularly-turbulent sea that nevertheless had the subsequently arriving Argyll Flyer plunging erratically towards Dunoon pier. We've been granted occasional use of the Coruisk (but not for cars) to try to ensure some sort of continuity of service this winter, and I have to say it's an odd-looking ship but a much more substantial one than the other Argyll Ferries boats. The rain is battering on the window and the sky is a dreich grey. I suppose it could be worse - I often couldn't see the other side at all.

But I still think it's a jolly good view to have from your bed. No?

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