Today has been a bit of a challenge...

Just before bed last night, my better half noticed that the TRV had exploded on the radiator in the loo.

This morning I woke to discover the fence wasn't where we left it last night. After breakfast we went out to fasten it back together.

We then left - slightly late -for Bramley to drop of the thermal imaging camera as planned. On the way back home we picked up a replacement TRV and did some shopping.

About 10 minutes after arriving home a friend arrived to explain how the county plans for disasters, I'm working on the Village disaster/resilience plan so it was really useful information.

I then replaced the top the TRV on the radiator - they are all the same age and so far it's the third one where the plastic has disintegrated and the top popped off!

Today's blip is the body of the TRV that came in the box that I didn't have to replace. I've now got three brand new TRV valves/bodies, in case one ever fails - which so far they never do, only the heads seem to die! I would have only bought the head of the valve rather than the whole thing, but it's cheaper to buy a whole new valve than just half of one... Urgh!

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