I Think I Have A Furrowed Brow

I was planning to write
about going to see Punt
& Dennis tonight
but what’s the point?

I was also going to mention
that I thought that thing
about seeing double
after you’ve had a lot of drink
was a fabrication

but, during our pre show meal
(me not being the driver),
it was me who drank
(‘bar a thimbleful’ she says)
the bottle of red wine we (I) ordered

which meant that I saw
Punt Punt & & Dennis Dennis
and laughed laughed loudest loudest.

It occurs to me that
ploughing on regardless
could refer to posting a blip,
writing a poem, telling a joke
that no one gets.

I wouldn’t be telling you this
if I hadn’t had a drink. Anyway,
they (Punt,Steve; Dennis, Hugh)
made me laugh laugh. Small mercies.

Punt & Dennis

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