Pixel Smiths

By pixelsmiths


I’d love to have shown you the completion of the garage project … but frankly, a tidy garage vs a beautiful day is hardly a contest.

So, slept in a little. Mrs PS working all weekend, so the kids sorted themselves out … Nice! (but think iPads and computers)

Then into the Garage project, Day 2. By 2pm it was complete. So roughly 6 hours in total, a trip to recycling and dump, then out into the hills.

Which I wasn’t that enthused about. Quiet a sore lower back at present, in part I think due to the flight home last week from Canada. Lots of “shooting pain”.

First part of Rapaki, not so much fun. Second half, OK. Bowenvale single track, not bad.

No speed records, but I think the ride helped. Away this week for several days, will definitely try to ride …

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