By McZoo

Medical (School) Home

Today I took my OB/GYN COMAT/shelf. The departmental exam on Wednesday was much easier and seemed much more straightforward. I'm hoping that we really do do better on the COMAT than the departmental like the course director said.

I noticed when I arrived at school to test today that my feelings towards this place have greatly changed. I spent two years almost living in this building. I hated it, but it also felt like home. I knew all the spots (and I still do), but it doesn't feel like home anymore. The clinical sites of 3rd year don't feel like home either, with their constant change. But nevertheless this has become just a place. A place I go to take exams. A place that holds no strong sentimental feelings. Just a place. Most of my close friends are not in the area any longer and I wonder if this place's home-like feeling was tied to their presence... This is after all the first shelf I've taken that one of them has not been here for. These 6 week blocks are odd.

Today is Valentine's Day, but we have sort of agreed to celebrate it tomorrow. Husband and I are both off tomorrow so it just makes more sense. However, I still went home and made sure actual Valentine's was special for him today. I cleaned the house (dusted, swept, put up the dog crate, did dishes, vacuumed, and started laundry) and purchased a plant that smells like honeysuckle and chocolate covered strawberries.

He refused to not continue his tradition of getting me flowers on Valentine's Day so therefore he also stopped by our local supermarket on the way home. I got a beautiful red rose, white carnation, and blue flower arrangement in a red vase.

We both noted on our respective trips to the store that we have never seen so many men out shopping by themselves. Our local supermarket was turned into a maze of flowers and candy. The cashier told my husband that there have been nothing but men streaming in all day simply to purchase flowers. Overrated hype? Perhaps. But I love the excuse to buy a man flowers and cheat on Paleo.

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