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My clean oven!

It's a rainy day in Scotland. I'm sitting at the computer. I like taking photos but didn't feel like going out in the rain. I'm supposed to be working on marketing my cottage. And I am - really I am. But there are things like to tempt me. So I think, "I'll start my photoblog with a lovely photograph of Edinburgh in the sunshine, that'll cheer everyone up." And I remember that I have a great photo I took when my daughter and I climbed up Arthur's Seat just before we became the owners of Craigwell Cottage and I was thinking about marketing the cottage then too - really. But, guess what, blipfoto knows if you don't tell the truth about the photo you're uploading. And it has to be a photo taken TODAY.
And what have I been doing today, well I've been having my oven cleaned while I think really hard about how to entice more people to come to my cottage.
So that's why it's a picture of the oven. Taken with my iPhone. Probably sideways.
And what does a picture of my oven say about me?
I like things to be clean.
I like to bake.
I prefer taking photos to cleaning ovens.
I paid a man to clean my oven this morning (thanks!)
I earned the money by letting my cottage.
I need to let my cottage more.
To let my cottage I thought about social media.
I signed up to Twitter.
This led me to
But the only photo I'd taken today was one of a clean oven.

Photos of real life....on blipfoto

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