Sox and his view...

...of the garden.

Sox doesn't seem well.
I messaged a lady, I don't really know, on Facebook ...a friend of a friends.
She wrote to me last time Sox was ill, she was a vet.
She kindly wrote back, not as upbeat as before, however I liked her last line.
"Our grief when we lose them is the high price we pay for all the love and joy our pets give us."
So I'm blipping him :-)

Anyway...on a very lovely note,
Rachelwhynot came to visit today.
I'd invited her for lunch however I haven't been shopping & my house isn't as pristine as I'd like. Have I mentioned my poorly knee:-) we ate eggs on toast with butter, followed by Christmas cake with ice-cream :-)
Time went too fast ...& then she was gone, trying to beat the rush hour traffic.
Anyway we've bought tickets to meet at the Ideal Home Exhibition ...where we'll have more time :-D

And for your evening's entertainment, :-)
KatherineEllis is on the ITV news later and
the cafe I 'work' in is on "The One Show" at 7pm,
although I wasn't there when they filmed it due to boring bad knee :-)

And if anyone is interested the rest of my catwalk pictures are here.
And 25 minutes is a long time to sit on a boring exercise bike.
Catching up tomorrow, sorry. zzzzz

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