Waiting Some More

Large Americano coffee and a couple of those corrugated waffley caramel biscuits, Radio 4 comedy podcast, episode of 'The News Quiz' interspersed with some Winter Olympics (gave up on the freestyle skiing when the TV over on the wall there started doing the visual equivalent of that Norman Collier stuttery stuff) with some Eels to finish. iPhone battery went from 97% to 51%. Buggered about with the camera a bit, half expecting some security chappie to come along and tell me to behave. They didn't. One brief conversation with on old lady (Eventually. Had my earbuds in and hadn't heard her shuffling in to begin with; wave of her white hanky did the trick though) who couldn't find the lift and guided her back on track.

Other than that, it was all unusually quiet, and thankfully frantic free, compared to previous visits. Which was nice. I think.

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