View from the croft gate

By Croftcrafts

The Documented Life Project - Week 8

Week 8 of the DLP - Make a flap. I used a Christmas card, painted and stuck paper on the outside then I put some photos I had taken years ago that I had changed and stuck them on. I added some stamping. The inside is one big photo that I had also changed then added some stamping.
Today we went to Scourie to look for the Library van and found it at the school. As we are the only people that use it now round the Tarbet loop we decided to save Andy a journey.
Lots of activity in Tarbet this morning as the helicopter was ferrying more bags of stones to Handa also some visitors here enjoying a walk in the sun. No doubt on the school break as they had children with them. They came from Somerset so a welcome break from the floods.

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