By avilover

Vermivora ruficapilla

#42 - BlipBigYear 2014

Presenting another dainty sharp-billed parulid: the Nashville Warbler! My last entry showcased his cousin, the Orange-crowned Warbler, a much more common species in these parts during winter. The Nashville Warbler is definitely a rare sight in February--this particular bird has been around a while and always causes a stir when he is refound. Sightings started pouring in a couple days ago, so I made my way to the Arcata Marsh between classes and spotted him within a half hour. What a lovely bird! The brightest of yellow birds...I'm excited for spring, which will bring in the rest of his tropically wintering brethren, as well as many other colorful birds. We're already beginning to see the return of a few swallows and hummingbirds--spring is coming!

P.S. I saw a new bird today and it was amazing....

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