By wellsforzoe

Drip Irrigation

It looks like internet Malawi has failed again. I have got no pics since Friday's disaster. Whenever they arrive, I will upload some.
Todays pic shows Klaas-Jan Alma, with my son John, locating Mzuzu on the map as well as Klass-Jan's home town in the Netherlands.
He has just arrived in Lucan from Bremen airport, on his first visit to Ireland, and fortunately he has brought the good weather with him!!

Klaas-Jan, with two other students (Jenni: Finland and Duc: Vietnam) from the University of Drenthe, in the Netherlands, is working on a business plan for a drip irrigation project in Mzuzu.
Over the next few days we will discuss a possible joint venture, with some of our village projects in Malawi.

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