The Great Tapestry of Scotland

This is just one of about 200 panels (roughly 2'6" square) which when stitched together will make an embroidered tapestry about 500 yards long.
It represents 420 million years of Scottish history (the first panel depicting the geological origins).

This panel represents the founding of the ancient Kingdom of Dalriada and obviously it wasn't called Scotland for quite a few years afterwards.

It really is worth a visit (whether you are interested in history, Scotland, needlework or all three) and I'd really like to go back (maybe more than once) as to examine each piece and appreciate them all properly it might take about a week!

Anyway it isn't quite finished yet, there are still panels to come from Scottish communities around the world and when all are assembled the panels will be stitched together into one huge Tapestry. I think the 11th century nuns of Bayeux would be suitably impressed.

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