By mydartmoorwalks

Sampford Spiney Churchyard (Infrared)

Where to begin with this… Having explored mono a tiny bit I have found myself attracted to the infrared shot. Schubert is an expert with these (and mono) and he has many infrared shots in his journal. Somehow they seem to be a cross between b&w and a b&w negative but have a very surreal feel about them. You are seeing something the human eye can’t see and that is just a bit weird because all of this is all around us and we can’t see it!

I bought a second hand Lumix TZ8 which is an earlier model to my normal Lumix TZ20 and converted it – details below. The second hand Lumix arrived yesterday and I used if for yesterdays Crocus shot. Thank you for getting that one into Spotlight!

I am interested in your reaction – I suspect some will hate it but do please be honest. This is not going to be mainstream for me because I like colour to much but it as another tool and I will be doing some more experimenting with this.

I am having so much fun with blip and it has completely rejuvenated my long standing interest in photography!

The Technical bit for those interested. Just behind the lens and in front of the sensor is an infrared filter. The purpose of this is to stop infrared light getting to the sensor. This filter was removed. On the front of the lens mount a base plate has been permanently glued to the camera and infrared 720nm has been screwed in – this filter only lets in infrared light. I bought the camera by mail order from the London Camera Exchange in Lincoln. The infrared filter and base plate was supplied by Graham Houghton ( and I followed his video on You Tube to complete the modification. There are three photos showing the modification here

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