When the going gets weird

By Slybacon

Band of Brothers

Brussels Day One. The original plan was breakfast at a venerable Waffle house. Unfortunately Riot neglected to activate her GPS. There followed much walking, some drizzle and a distinct lack of waffles or warms. Naturally this led to the first major meltdown of the trip. Harsh words exchanged, tears shed, yadda yadda.

As these "incidents" are a fairly inevitable event when two crazy people travel together, things were smoothed over enough for us to head on to visit the Brussels Comic Book Center. Well worth a visit, they have a huge manner of comic pages located in a fantastic restored Art nouveau building. Naturally, Tin Tin is the star, supported by a variety of other Belgian Comic book icons (most of whom are notably less succesful abroad).

Later we dropped in on Recyclart, an arts center thingy in some disused arches under a railway bridge. We expected something a bit more to be honest, but we seemed to have dropped in on some Student's first solo show opening. Despite clearly being well out-of-place, they still welcomed us in and gave us some free booze.

Frozen and tired from a full day of wandering around in the rain, we picked up a rather fantastic Hamburger for Dinner. Re-energised, we wandered down to visit the world-famous Delirium Cafe. A beer drinking Nirvana. Even Riot found herself being converted to the Beer cause with such mighty beverages on offer.

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