By TattooedMac

Golden Treasure or is it ??

For my very first post, I thought I would post a picture I took today of a very old publication of "Alice In Wonderland" with the Colouring and Sketches done by "Harry Rountree".
I'm a avid reader and over the years i have read quite a few books, when i was younger, the Famous Five, to my days in the Military, Stephen King and Raymond. E. Fiest to now, Biographies, and Non-Fiction, the likes of Cmdr Chris Hadfield's "An Astronauts Guide to Life on Earth", Marc Lewis and "Memoirs of a Addicted Brain" to "Snowing in Bali" and "Hotel Kerobokan" by Kathryn Bonella.

Well over the years I have collected quite a few paperbacks, but now I have my precious iPad Mini and iBooks, and a wealth of Knowledge. So I just finished moving, and packing the bookshelf back up, and i came across this Publication. I took a photo of it, because i wrote a email to a Antique Book Seller with the image of this book. Its a bit scrappy, but the pages are about 1.5mm thick, the drawings seem to come to life off the page, and it was published by "The Children Press ~ Glasgow".
The weird thing is, i can't for the life of me, find to much information about this Printing Place. I have Googled it, and done a lot of research, and they seem to not exist anymore. So I'm hoping . . . . . Fingers Crossed that i might have one of those *Lost Treasures* that could be worth a couple of hundred thousand $$$$$

Looking around the WWW some editions have gone for $386,000, so hopefully in the next day or 2, someone gets back to me and makes me and offer that i can't refuse.
Well thats it from me, and now back to the iPad, and finish off An Astronauts Guide to Life on Earth !!!

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