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When You're A Stranger - Camera number One

Much excitement ay BlipCentral today. We got the developed photos back from Ilford from When You're A Stranger Camera 1.

There're some beauties in this lot.

California to Northumberland, Yorkshire to New Jersey, Melbourne to Glasgow, Texas to Peterborough, this adventurous little camera's certainly been about.

It's captured some beautiful stories. Some that made us go 'awwww' others that made us go 'wow'. Some awesome photos too... It's amazing the quality these wee, disposable film cameras produce.

(See a few of the stories behind the stories)

4 films back and things are now starting to slowly (very slowly) take shape! A really cool shape.

If you have a When You're A Stranger camera or know someone who does, then we want them all back now. Please. We're just too excited to wait any longer. Drop BlipCentral a line and we'll give you the postal address to send it.

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