back home and in the water again!

This was the scene at Lucas Boatworks on Sunday afternoon . . . larger.

I was bored after unpacking from our trip to FT Lauderdale so I decided to hop in Steven's single-man wee lassie canoe and paddle over to Lucas Boatworks. When Steven heard I was heading over he said, "Great! Red (Sam) is out sailing with Stan -you could get some photos!" Red is our 89 or 90 year old friend whom I always enjoy talking with, he's full of energy & ideas. He's behind Steven and his very own boat, Tom Hand (made for Red at Lucas Boatworks) in this photo, but perhaps you can see his white cap peeking out. A better photo of him is here -with the same cap on and his legs dangling out of the boat!

You can see the canoe my dad made front & center, with the paddle Steven made for me in the boat. It is painted to match a painting Steven & I did collaboratively a few years ago, very special to me and super lightweight & easy to use.

Our boat Chelsea is next to the canoe, tied up at the dock. Steven tied the canoe to Chelsea to get it out of the way while they were de-rigging Tom Hand and later tied it to the back of tChelsea for the ride home! Cessna the water dog - or "Labradolphin" as Steven calls her, is playing where you will usually find her. She belongs to Dave & Helen Lucas and is a great playmate for Asia & Chloe even though much younger.

It was so lovely to come home and relax after all the excitement of my Great Uncle's exhibition!

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