about and around

After a morning intermittently checking all the radiators to check that none had decided to start leaking I spent the afternoon outside walking about to make up for yesterday's flat-based if relatively fruitless activity. Bits of skirting-board can be easily processed during the week but outsideness and daylight are unavailable in the evening. Fresh shoes continue to behave, though it is slightly strange having fully-cushioned heels again; despite the occasional discomfort of almost-completely-uncushioned footsteps I'd evidently adapted to it, unless it's just that these haven't yet unstiffened. They certainly haven't stretched much yet and my little toes are getting slightly more squashed than they had been in the old pair.

A test-cake manufactured in the evening in preparation for supplying one for a fund-raising bake-a-thon at work on Wednesday rather disappointingly failed, though probably entirely due to being spread thinly in far to large a baking tin but I was reminded why I stopped baking cakestuffs about nine years ago when a particularly troublesome oven continually broke things even when they were prepared identically to the way I'd always prepared them. The cake might have been saveable if it had been intercepted part-way through the oven section of the process but I was eating a series of carrot-and-pepper-salad wraps (after not eating much throughout the day to stand a chance of being hungry enough to not be overfilled by a mosque-kitchen-lunch tomorrow) and was therefore too busy to occasionally poke a wooden thing into the middle of the cake. There is a distinct possibility that the correct baking tin for the default ingredient-volume is buried somewhere amongst the surplus kitchenware in a plastic stackybox at the top of a cupboard somewhere so I'll have to adjust the ingredients, reduce the cooking-time and be more careful. Or try and find the correct tin. Or make another sort of cake, though that would mean some of the specially-bought ingredients for the primary target type would possibly end up living at the back of the cupboard for several years.

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