I'm totally strung out

- - - on my NEW cello strings!

When I informed Megan, my new cello teacher, that the strings on my cello were the originals that came with the cello when I purchased it about five years, she was aghast and recommended I replace them when possible.

Despite other financial obligations, I made the executive decision to move "new set of cello strings" to the top of my list. I still recall what Pall, my former teacher, said to me after I bought the cello (which was fairly pricey) - "if it brings you joy, then it was money well spent." And he was absolutely right.

Pictured here is Dave Nerad, our local Bellingham luthier, showing me how to change the strings so next time, I can do it myself.

These new strings will take a little time to break in, but already I can feel a noticeable improvement in projection and warmth of tone, and playability. It's looking like this string purchase will also qualify as "money well spent".

Fix that wolf tone!

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