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By Sandcastle

Mackerel Sky over Murrayfield

Lovely cloud formation over Edinburgh this morning.

I'm learning a lot from the blipfoto discipline.

Today I set off to walk into Edinburgh city centre from home.

At this time of year, photographs looking west from Edinburgh have better skies than those taken looking east. The sun is low over the horizon even in the middle of the day and this affects the way the light is interpreted by the camera.

As I walked I exchanged 'tweets' with some other Edinburgh people on Twitter and this changed some of the things I did on my walk. One photographer sent me a link to some shots he'd taken yesterday which he'd just posted on - one of which was in the New Calton Graveyard (near neighbour to our self-catering cottage - here's a video of ). So, when I spotted a gravestone which interested me as I walked past the St Cuthbert's cemetery, I wandered in and photographed it. Another Twitterer had recommended a place to try for a cup of tea, so I visited and had a discussion about the merits of Oolong tea from Thailand. Delicious it was too.

I took almost 40 photographs this morning, some of which I've uploaded to my website using a new piece of software which does the job of creating good looking webpages very well. But you'll have to search out if you want to see more.

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