By DaveWoolmer

Seven green bottles, sitting on the windowsill

Went to Dunham Massey again today with my better half, as the house itself is now open and has gone back in time to it's days as a field hospital during WW1.

Sadly the property was only different to the "usual" Dunham in about 3 or 4 rooms, with the rest remaining as they have been for some time.

But it was a good opportunity for my better half to get more acquainted with her shiny new D5200 and produce some stunning results; still haven't managed to encourage her onto Blip yet tho :(

I came home with 59 shots and so it was a difficult choice for today's Blip - in fact the short list was 12 different shots. But I was pretty sure that it had to be this one, taken in the Kitchen area.

Processing wise, I started in Lightroom where I brought the blown out highlights back, then added a fairly subtle split toning, before increasing the clarity some 60%. I then went over into CS6 to add a levels adjustment, finishing it off nicely.

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