Very busy day at work, meetings and stuff. Both meetings left me with some conclusive actions which was good so it will keep me busy for a few days!

After work I went to a friends to help him connect to his mother's computer so he can keep it up to date for her and help her out if she has any problems. On a Linux box it's all standard, but you do have to configure it to make it work. It was mostly new to him, so I went to help.

Tonight's blip is a close up of a can of larger. I don't drink the stuff* but my better half needed it to make pancakes so the can was sitting in the recycling bin asking to be blipped.

I once was in charge of our office's IT systems, and I had all the computers named after beverages. The boss's laptop was named Stella, my desktop was Boddington and I had a Sun server named Corona, and my laptop was Bluebird.

*I don't mind decent ale or cider, and I will drink foreign stuff but larger just doesn't do it for me.

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